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Y-BLAST: Y-B.L.A.S.T is the children's ministry of Amazing Grace Apostolic Church, Inc. Our mission is to empower young believers to live a passionate life for Jesus Christ endowed by the Holy Ghost. We exist to help the youth identify their values, determine purpose and assignment. build self-esteem, and assist in creating a firm foundation within our future church leaders.

SISTERHOOD: The purpose of the Amazing Grace Sisterhood is to impart the wisdom of Jesus Christ into all women. We aspire to share the truth through the Word of God and acquire the strength to become virtuous women in the Eyes of God.

BROTHERHOOD: The Brotherhood of Amazing Grace Apostolic Church, Inc. exist to be servants of Jesus Christ, as well as, servants to our church and community. We focus on enlisting all men to be the spiritual leaders Jesus Christ has called them to be and helping them realize their full potential.

HEALTHCARE: We, the Amazing Grace Apostolic Healthcare Ministry, are here to "assist" you with your medical needs. We do NOT diagnose, we only advise and educate to the best of our knowledge.

MEDIA: Our mission as the Media Department of Amazing Grace Apostolic church, Inc. is to provide assistance to the Pastor in spreading the Gospel through the implementation of technology. 

SINGLES' MINISTRY: Our mission is to stay saved and do the work of the Lord. We understand that all things happen in God’s time, and we are in no rush. We aim to love, worship and please the Lord as much as we can. We do not care for the things of those who are married, but we seek the face of the Lord, and prepare for the day he sends “the one”. We will learn the importance of staying saved, and most importantly how to encourage and support each other all while being single. We do not doubt God in the plan he has for our lives, but we trust and depend on him.
Auxiliary Mission Statements