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                            First Lady’s Bio

                                                            Born November 15, 1963 to Richard and Eunice Hillard in Springfield, TN, Verneasie                                                             Elaine Hillard lived a small country girl’s life. She is the fifth out of eight siblings,                                                             Mary- Edith Gardner, James Hillard, Margie McKissick, Winston Hilliard, David Hillard,                                                             Larry Hillard, and Alice Faye Hillard. The country life for “Neasie” may have seemed to                                                             be a bit difficult seeing that there were so many siblings, but it was surprisingly fun.                                                             From her brothers tricking her to eat laxatives, to long talks with her mom about God 
                                                            and everyday life. Elaine Anderson attended Springfield High School (1979-82), where                                                             she participated fully in the Choir and was a member of the Beta Club. First Lady’s life is                                                             the reason why one woman can carry so many amazing characteristics, on top of that,                                                             love God with all of her heart. 

     In 1974 First Lady Elaine gave her life over to the Lord by getting baptized in the name of Jesus and receiving the precious gift of the Holy Ghost at Bethel Apostolic Church in Springfield, TN.

    She is the First Lady of Amazing Grace Apostolic Church. She’s been married for 28 amazing years to Elder Samuel L. Anderson Sr., and she is the mother of three sons, Samuel Jr., Joshua, Emmanuel, and two daughter Samea and Chelsea. Standing by her husband’s side, she remains encouraged in doing the will of God.